How to drive

  1. Press and hold the brake pedal

  2. Push the start/stop button

  3. Select transmission, Drive (D) or Reverse (R)

  4. Release the brake pedal and go

Switching between fuel and electric modes

The PHEVs mostly run on fuel as they have a max range of 25-30 miles whilst in electric mode.

The car’s system will automatically switch between fuel, hybrid and electric depending on your route, driving style and weather conditions. For example, when driving on the motorway it makes sense to use fuel. Whereas on short drives, with lots of stopping and starting, electric mode provides a smoother acceleration. It will also automatically switch to fuel mode if the battery charge is running low.

For the most efficient use of fuel and electric charge, we recommend letting the car decide which mode to drive in. However, if you wish to use electric only, you can press the ‘EV’ button next to the gear stick. If you run out of electric charge, the car will automatically drive on fuel only.

How can I save the electric charge while driving a PHEV?

There's a "Save EV" button within the settings (My EV) that you can press to save the battery.

Charging and refuelling a PHEV

You don’t need to worry about charging the PHEV during or at the end of your journey because we recharge it for you when we collect it at no cost. If you do want to charge the car, you can use a Type 2 7kW charger. It will take around 2-3 hours to fully recharge. You can find out more about charging our cars here:

The PHEV can be refuelled with petrol at any fuel station. We are also happy to refuel the car if it isn’t brought back full. We simply charge the pump price to your card at cost - no admin fees, no surcharges, no nothing.

Please note, we don't supply a domestic charger for our cars as standard. We occasionally do have some available, so please get in contact with the team via our chat service if you would like to request one for your booking.

More information

If you need any help, open our app and start a chat. Our operating hours are currently Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday-Sunday 7am to 9pm. If you have questions outside this time, just leave your details in the chat and we'll get back to you asap.

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