We have evolved our cleaning procedures and handover process in-line with the World Health Organization and governmental advice to ensure we maintain the highest level of service and most importantly keep you, our customers and our team safe.

Multi-step cleaning

Prior to every booking, each car goes through a multi-step cleaning procedure. We have been developing and refining the steps since we opened and in light of the current situation have built-in further steps ensuring our cars are safe and spotless. Please see an overview below.

Starting on the interior all surfaces are cleaned - we only use germicidal cleaning products from Dettol - with special attention to potential touch points including:

  • Seats and seatbelts

  • The steering wheel and control stalks

  • Door, roof and boot handles, switchgear, windows and lights

  • Dashboard and all controls and buttons

  • The glove box, all storage and cup holders

  • Rear-view mirror

  • Infotainment controls and screens

  • The keys

The interior of the car is then thoroughly wet and dry vacuumed throughout using specialist equipment.

The exterior of the car is washed using our eco-friendly waterless solution and finally inspected prior to leaving for delivery.

All car accessories are comprehensively cleaned and stored in a protected and sanitised area.


THE OUT we always aim to do ‘car rental properly’ and a key part of that is delivering cars to our customers’ doors across London - and of course picking them up again afterwards. So to ensure this can still happen we have revised our handover process.

We require all of our team to practice the prevention methods recommended by the World Health Organization, such as frequent hand-washing with soap and water.

Prior to getting into the car, our drivers undertake temperature screening and thorough hand cleaning.

Drivers and our Fleet Team will check the car has completed the multi-step cleaning procedures and complete a full car visual check prior to setting off on each delivery.

All Drivers will wear masks and gloves during delivery and collection.

On arrival, the Driver will wipe down interior surfaces paying special attention to the steering wheel, gear knob, door handles, infotainment controls and screens.

Drivers will leave the keys on the middle console and once out of the car wipe down all external door/boot edges and handles and open all of the car windows.

Our Drivers will maintain social distancing whilst you inspect the car and as per usual answer any questions you might have. If the driver is required to demonstrate any features within the car, they will do so and ask you to maintain distance and then follow the same exit process as detailed above.

On collection Drivers will wear a mask and gloves whilst respecting social distancing.

After the Driver has completed a visual inspection of the car they will wipe down all touch-points before departing.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact us directly via Intercom, available via THE OUT app and theout.com.

Take care and stay safe.

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